Great Rice Tasting Event in IUJ…Nov 17, 2013 from 11:30 till 13:00, in CNP

Courtesy of Prof. Jay R. Rajasekera
First appear on Facebook on November 15, 2013 at 4:57pm


If you have visited Niigata, it is very likely that you have eaten Niigata’s famous Koshihikari rice…Of course Koshihikari is available in Tokyo and in up-scale restaurants in big cities around the world, but at a high price…!

In June 2007 the top Japanese advertising agency Dentsu conducted a survey of 500 Tokyo consumers. 80% of respondents selected Niigata prefecture for “the region that comes to mind for rice”; in Niigata, the most expensive rice is produced right around IUJ, in Minamiuonuma.

Now you have a chance to eat that best rice…right here in IUJ, at CNP, this Sunday…!

In fact some IUJ students had great fun, last Spring in a rice planting event, organized by Minamiuonuma City. Some photos here show students and some faculty, planting rice with local farmers, in a picturesque setting, just few minutes from IUJ..


IUJ students helping farmers to plant rice… in Spring!!!

After planting rice, by hand, local farmers treated the students to a local lunch..with mountain vegetables and rice!!! (below left)


Newly planted rice…growing in a field near IUJ…..! (above right)


In late summer, its time to harvest rice…IUJ students helping farmers to harvest rice in traditional way!

New rice, called “Shinmai” is supposed to be the best…! Now, you can taste that rice at Sunday’s event! Please do not forget to show up from 11:30… event ends at 13:00!!!


This event is organized by an IUJ+Minamiuonuma City together established organization called ICLOVE. More information about ICLOVE is in here:

ICLOVE members from IUJ include, Prof. Aung, Prof. Ito, Prof. Li, Prof. Jay….! ICLOVE aim is to bring local businesses, the community and IUJ resources, including students, to help local entities to become global..!

Some photos here come from Prof. Zaw Zaw Aung…rest from Jay Osama….!Note: Thanks for all who came to the event…this is a photo taken during the “rice eating”…!