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GSO-EC’s Sevices

Email Forwarding

For efficient communication with all Faculty, Staff and Students GSO provides an email forwarding service. Students can request GSO to forward e-mail to all three categories mentioned without stress.
​We forward emails for lost or found items, club activity, religious activity, GSO event etc. Meanwhile GSO reserves the right to screen all mails and decide whether or not to forward a particular mail. This we do in order to protect the image of the school and the interest of students. Students are encouraged to send precise and understandable mails void of any form of unpleasantness for onward forwarding.


Party Equipment

GSO has got supplies and some rental equipment for students. With one simple call or e-mail to Dorm Affairs Officers at gso-ec@iuj.ac.jp students can request to use the GSO equipments available.

Students request are welcomed at least 2 days before delivery of equipment and will be required to fill the request form to be submitted to Dorm Affairs Officers on the day you pick up the item.

Rental for Cooking  Entertainment
Pot middle size BBQ stove -Bartending set
-Pot small size -Grill Ice cooler box
-Stainless Pot big size -Tongs -Karaoke set
-Stainless Pot middle size -Lids’ -Stand light
-Stainless Pot small size -Bowl -Disco light
-Kettle -Chinese frying pan -white light
-Mirror Ball
  -Christmas tree
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