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About Us

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is an organization that strives to voice the concerns of graduate students, representing about 400 graduate students at the International University of Japan (IUJ), while also effortful to maintain an open communication between the IUJ administration and the IUJ student body.

The GSO represents the diverse graduate student community as a whole. The Organization also organizes social events both on and off campus, to help graduate students develop social and professional contacts across most University Colleges. Together, we maintain IUJ as a first rate institution for graduate education, across all fields of study.

Professionally & Academically

The GSO encourages an environment where students feel safe and supported, where individual needs and uniqueness are honored, where abilities and life achievements are acknowledged and respected. We strive for an academic atmosphere that fosters intellectual freedom and encourages experimentation and creativity.

We make every effort to advice graduate students especially fresh men and ladies on academic experiences —active involvement in learning, as opposed to passively listening to lectures, students and instructors interact and dialogue, where students try out new ideas in the workplace, where exercises and experiences are used to bolster facts and theory.


The GSO sponsors social events on and off campus including barbecues, parties, trips, IUJ Olympic Games, outings to local bars and restaurants. GSO can also be found on Facebook. The most appealing part of GSO is that it is completely student run; the activities and goals of the GSO are set by its members, YOU!

How do I become involved?

Every graduate student at IUJ is automatically a member of the GSO, and depending on your interests, you can choose to become as involved as you wish. The GSO EC holds weekly meetings where numerous decisions are taken to advance student interests and enhance a better living community for all students.

- a great way to stay informed about what’s going on and get involved in graduate student life


“GSO For All to enrich our IUJ Life”

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